The sad occurrences that were explained by the housemaster revealed that the incident happened about 3 weeks ago.

 He said the 2 boys in the video came to his house to report that they were playing or struggling with each other and the tall one raised his hand and mistakenly hit the other boy.

The housemaster says he even gave them hot water to nurse the wound. However, this is the first time he is seeing the video.

 However, disciplinary measures have been handed down to the culprit in the video who was captured molesting his colleague.

The release of the Adisadel College Viral Video sparked a nationwide outcry,

Parents, educators, students, and concerned citizens called for stringent measures to be put in place to prevent such acts of violence from recurring in schools.

 There was a collective realization that fostering a safe and disciplined learning environment was of paramount importance for the well-being and academic success of students.

 The public’s passionate response created a sense of urgency for all stakeholders to work together in finding effective solutions.