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watch now: amira natasha viral

amira natasha viral : It is currently being talked about a tall woman who does a stand up comedy show which is a bit out of bounds.

watch now: amira natasha viral
watch now: amira natasha viral

The woman in question has hung up the kurung clothes she was wearing to the public of the show. This video continued to go viral and received less than good feedback from the public.

According to a report from the Russian side Mstar, after the discussion the name has changed to Siti Amira Natasha Abdullah or more affectionately Disapa Amy.

Today, Siti Amira Natasha appeared in a live session with a man with a sweet heart named Alex.

This woman boldly answered all the questions thrown at her by the people in the crowd along with Alex.

The question asked is about the video that is going viral.

Siti Amira Natasha replied, “I am getting called out because of the video.”

But there was no further comment from the woman regarding the said video and she tried to answer the question.

Clearly, Siti Amira Natasha said that she was still a Muslim and was okay with it.

“I have become an unpopular religion of Islam.”

watch now: amira natasha viral

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watch now: amira natasha viral
watch now: amira natasha viral

During it, Alex also answered some questions from the crowd during the live session.

Obviously Alex, he confirmed that Siti Amira Natasha is a person who believes in religion and herself will embrace this religion.

Alex also made plans for his wife Siti Amira Natasha for a long time.

Another question to be answered is the question whether Siti Amira was proud and fun to the point of hanging her dress in public like in the video.

“What day did you see in front of people? I don’t feel like making it fun like you.”

Then Alex asks Siti Amira to please ask questions related to the video. Obviously Alex what happened was just a misunderstanding and I hope any conversation will explain it.

“What we said will be interpreted later.” Obviously Alex is still there.

Alex insisted he would tell such a story only if it got the attention of those in power.

From this information, Siti Amira Natasha is a student of law and is very active in volunteer work involving mental health.

Before they could move, they had to move under orders. Alex and Siti Amirah Natasha also have an account with the main media called Alex and Amy but there were many such scenes in it.

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