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dilon baby video viral : A video has been trending on the internet featuring a famous rapper Diloné Serrata, better known as Dilon Baby along with his partner Ashley Mariel Sánchez. It shows Ashley revealing that she is pregnant but wants to abort the child.

dilon baby video viral
dilon baby video viral

The Santo Domingo Oeste Prosecutor’s Office interviewed the artist Esteven Diloné Serrata, better known as Dilon Baby, and his partner Ashley Mariel Sánchez on Tuesday after posting a video on social networks in which they supposedly rejected a pregnancy.

According to the entity, both assured that everything was for a new song, so the institution will continue investigating the facts.

Dilon Baby and his Girlfriend’s video viral on social media

The video’s rapid dissemination on the internet has led to a flurry of reactions from fans and followers. In the video, Ashley expresses her distress over her situation and the challenges she faces, including the scrutiny she endures due to her decision.

Meanwhile, Dilon Baby is seen discussing his reluctance to embrace fatherhood and his preference for maintaining his current lifestyle.

As the video gained traction, concerns arose about the couple’s relationship, given Dilon Baby’s history of being embroiled in controversies related to domestic disputes.

The rapper’s past includes accusations of misconduct towards partners, with one such incident resulting in a three-month preventive detention.

dilon baby video viral
dilon baby video viral

What did they say in the viral video?

It is recollected that Ashley Sánchez became famous online subsequent to saying in a video that she was pregnant with him and that she needed to have a fetus removal because of the different abuse she has gotten.

“You don’t know all that I’m going through, you don’t have the foggiest idea about the ladies that I have needed to get off the transport and Dilon continues to carry ladies here to my home, he doesn’t regard me and they are passing judgment on me since I need to have an early termination,” he made sense of. .

Later, the artist confirmed the information and warned the young woman what she was going to experience because he likes to have many women behind him and that he does not want to have children either.

«I was the one who gave you relevance, so stop whining. “I’m not interested in what anyone thinks, to be clear,” he said.

Dilon Baby has a recent history of several controversies. The last one led him to serve three months in preventive detention accused of hitting his mother.

dilon baby video viral
dilon baby video viral

dilon baby video viral

In the video, Ashley says- “You don’t know everything that I’m going through, you don’t know the women that I have had to get off the bus and Dilon keeps bringing women here to my house, he doesn’t respect me and they are judging me because I want to have an abortion,”.

Notably, in the past, Dilon Baby has been accused of hitting and abusing his partner. Throughout his life, he has been in many controversies where he has been accused of domestic violence by his girlfriends. His last relationship led him to three months in preventive detention.

Coming back to the viral video, both of them can be seen arguing about his constant flirting and going around with other women. He further states that he doesn’t want a child and only likes to live like he is right now.

dilon baby video viral overview

dilon baby video viral
dilon baby video viral
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