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watch : viral bocah 10 tahun menikah

viral bocah 10 tahun menikah
viral bocah 10 tahun menikah

viral bocah 10 tahun menikah : Suddenly the video received various comments from netizens.

A number of netizens criticized them for considering that the couple was not old enough.

However, there are also netizens who say that proposals or early marriages in Madura are a regular occurrence. viral bocah 10 tahun menikah

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“You should pursue education first,” wrote the account @ajxxxxx.

“That’s a common thing in Madura because my friend is still 18 years old and is getting married,”

“In Madura, this mode of marriage is normal, the important thing is to have money,” wrote @alxxxx.

“They don’t know what it feels like when the cooking oil runs out, the tokens run out, the rice runs out and the gas runs out at the same time

The groom, who was still a child, only wore a white koko shirt and cap.

Meanwhile, the bride, who is also still small, is seen wearing a dark purple robe and brown hijab.

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The girl looked happy while holding a bouquet of money which was thought to be a dowry or wedding dowry.

The two of them just stood side by side.

The uploader revealed that the teenage boy in the viral video was only 10 years old.

viral bocah 10 tahun menikah

This video has become a highlight for netizens, because the young male figure in the video is known to be 10 years old.

Because the bride and groom are still relatively young, they are nicknamed the youngest bride and groom in Madura.

This video went viral after being uploaded by the TikTok account @karehestoh.

“Instead of doing strange things, it’s better to get married,” wrote the account as quoted by NOVA.ID, Wednesday (1/11).

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It can be seen in the video that their event was held simply on the terrace of the house.

The 20 second video shows the young couple not wearing wedding clothes.

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