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watch now: viral amsterdam dad voice note, twitter telegram free link

viral amsterdam dad voice note
viral amsterdam dad voice note

viral amsterdam dad voice note : Assuming you’ve run over the upsetting viral story of a voice note from a her lady father while in Amsterdam has been exposed as phony, and feel extremely grateful for that.

Anybody sufficiently unfortunate to hear the voice note will probably have needed to rip their ears off and wished they’d recalled how interest treated the feline.

Presently if it’s not too much trouble, partake in this instructive video about why many houses in Amsterdam have snares:

It was the story of the week but the voicenote of the century

Let’s be honest we’ve all heard it by now. The voicenote that took British Twitter (X) by storm just a few days ago. The story of a joint stag and hen do in Amsterdam that brought father and daughter together like never before through the help of a wall with a hole in the middle of it. You know what I’m talking about.

By now, that infamous voicenote, shared onto X and listened to over 20 million times, has sparked horror and concern into listeners from across the globe.

“Surely that’s not real”, I hear you call, beckon. And now we have the truth. viral amsterdam dad voice note, twitter telegram free link

Charlotte Walton was the apparent girl behind the voicenote who swore that the story is “all verified” as the girl lives with a friend of a friend (ah right yes, verified).

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Bad habit News, who make sense of in their article that they have widely canvassed ‘greatness openings’ before, calculated that there was just a single method for checking the story’s authenticity: by reaching each magnificence opening in Amsterdam.

A major undertaking you’d think, for a city so celebrated for its ale, waterways, and indiscrimination. In any case, you’d think wrong, as Bad habit found out rather rapidly that there’s just a single magnificence opening in all of Amsterdam that caters for all kinds of people (the others are all male as it were).

viral amsterdam dad voice note

This specific cave of musk is known as the William Higgins le Salon and it’s on the central avenue of Nieuwendijk.

William Higgins le Salon depicts itself as “the main sensual film” in all of Amsterdam, however does it have a button permitting father to see girl from one or the other side of the wall?

In the wake of calling up the “film”, Bad habit asked the individual on the less than desirable end: “Is there a button you can push on your greatness openings, to see the individual on the opposite side?”

“No, there’s simply openings,” they answered, “No button.”

Thus there you have it parents, no buttons, just b****cks.

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To quickly sum up the viral voice note, it involved a woman who said that she’d been out partying in Amsterdam when she’d gone to a ‘glory hole’ which had a button where the people on either side could press it to see who they were… interacting with.

The woman in the voice note said she’d been using the glory hole and pressed the button, only to discover her dad on the other side.

Our first sign that this was a fake really ought to have been that there was a voice note in the first place, because if that had really happened you’d surely abandon your life to go and work on an oil rig or something, and definitely never tell a soul.

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