video de venezolana viral en tiktok

video de venezolana viral en tiktok
video de venezolana viral en tiktok
video de venezolana viral en tiktok

video de venezolana viral en tiktok : A few days ago, the video uploaded by a young Venezuelan woman went viral on social media, where she warned that “Chileans, take care of your husbands.” The record appeared on TikTok and became a trend, also generating various responses.

In the record, transferred in a hilarious setting, that’s what he expressed “Chileans, deal with your spouses, wonderful ones, on the grounds that the Venezuelan ladies show up, they make their arepitas, they give them their toto

The video immediately became viral on TikTok, additionally producing different reactions to the previously mentioned record. video de venezolana viral en tiktok

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What started as a hobby on social media became a very serious passion for Venezuelan architect Marianna Girgenti Marino, who went viral on TikTok and Instagram for a one-minute video in which she perfectly imitates eight Latin accents and one neutral.

For 10 years, the young woman, 23 years old, has lived in Miami with her family. On November 26, she emerged from anonymity when she recorded a video inside her vehicle in the company of her cousin Andrea, who challenged her to imitate accents from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile.

The video has just about 9,000,000 perspectives and in excess of 28 thousand remarks on TikTok. This designer strolled like a local resident of various identities of Latin America.

Talked with by the Venezuelan writer, Sergio Novelli, situated in the US, the young lady made a few admissions about her excitement and the inspiration she needs to impersonate emphasizes from different nations.

video de venezolana viral en tiktok

As per Mariana, everything began when at college she started to have numerous companions of various identities, and she didn’t understand when she wound up talking like them.

One day, the young woman was chatting with a Colombian friend whom she greeted, saying: How are you, parce? and she responded, Oh, are you also from Antioquia, in Colombia? To which Mariana finished, “it doesn’t seem like it, I’m from Venezuela, why are you telling me that?” video de venezolana viral en tiktok

Naturally, Girgenti internalized the accents of his classmates and began practicing them as a form of entertainment in videos, which he frequently publishes on his social networks. She then told her cousin Andrea that she was going to speak with a certain accent at the university to see if they would truly believe her, and thus she would go unnoticed.

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People who have just met her ask her insistently what country she is from, since they cannot decipher the original accent of this Venezuelan born in the city of Cumaná, whose grandparents are Italian, who arrived in this coastal city of Venezuela fleeing the consequences. of World War II.

On her Instagram profile, the young woman has more than 84 thousand followers and on TikTok she has 149 thousand. On both digital platforms she presents herself as a “lover” of accents.

Last December 1st, Mariana published a thank you video on Instagram in which she appears speaking as “Cuban.” She says that her post unleashed a wave of viral comments and that she couldn’t believe that in a week her video reached six million views.

I can’t believe it, this was crazy. It seems unreal to me. I never doubted my talent but I did ask myself sometimes, who is going to want to watch this video more than once. That’s not something that’s shared that much. The validation this has given me is incredible,” the Venezuelan said in a message to her Instagram fans.

video de venezolana viral en tiktok

Her followers have made thousands of comments admiring her talent. Some, like the Venezuelan migrant Zuheilly Afanador, wrote: “For God’s sake! Where are you form? I’m confused!”. “I saw it 4 times! That mix is very good! Especially the Cuban one,” said Robert Fonseca.

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The young woman is now one of the most searched on TikTok and she has been creating more content of this type for her fans. “Thank you very much for the support, it feels people, it feels,” she recently posted on her Instagram stories.

The responses to the Venezuelan

After the video went viral, several Chilean women responded to the young woman. In that sense, several appealed to creativity and humor.

“We give them to everyone”, “take it with your mother-in-law and sisters-in-law included” and “that’s in the past BB” were part of the responses.

Other users also uploaded videos to TikTok responding to the

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