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pramugari viral: Mantan Pramugari Ira Nandha who is active in social media TikTok is becoming a hot topic.

Ira Nandha becomes the first woman to uncover the story of her beloved husband, Elmer Syaherman.

Elmer Syaherman, who was working as a pilot on one of the flights, had an affair with a woman.

Social media is abuzz with the case of a pilot having an affair with a female pilot.
The pilot is Elmer Syaherman, whose affair with his wife, Ira Nandha, was revealed via Instagram.

free download: pramugari viral
free download: pramugari viral

Ira Nandha confessed that she could no longer bear the attitude of a barren-black cockroach having sex with the same woman.

Keeping that in mind, Ira Nandha uncovered some photographs from a discussion Bernd Meuse had with Elmer with a princess named Bella Damaika.

“My companion, if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me, I truly could do without doing this however I can’t stand it any longer. 6x dating. 5x with a similar individual, 1x with an alternate individual. Starting from the start of my marriage, I have been with a similar individual and I have forever been quiet,” articulation.

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Having gotten through it for quite some time, Ira Nanda conceded that she could never again endure Elmer’s disposition and shut her eyes again to the subject of relationship.

“I figured out how to endure these 4 years with this sickness. I separated yesterday, however my means separated all alone. We discussed my thoughts with you ❤️,” said Sambungnya.

Ira Nandha chose to part ways with her better half subsequent to getting direction to admit to God.

“With the strength I had accomplished, I didn’t endure 10 minutes requesting direction, Allah gave it straightforwardly to me effortlessly and with practically no obstruction,” she said.

perselingkuhan pramugari dan pilot

free download: pramugari viral
free download: pramugari viral

But not without reason, through social media personality Ira Nandha alias Ibu Kavi revealed her husband’s dark relationship with a woman. As you know, the family relationship between a mother with one child and her husband looks comfortable and harmonious.

They also often traveled together on various occasions. Both of them also look compact and often create a content video with various media social personalities.

As you know, Elmer Syaherman is a pilot of one of the masked flights Tanar Air. From his marriage with Ira Nandha, Elmer was blessed with a son named Kavi.

Seeing the post shared by Ira Nandha in social media personality @iranndha, she revealed the affair done by her husband named Elmer.

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free download: pramugari viral
free download: pramugari viral

Ira Nandha has just shared the behavior of her husband who revealed that he has cheated on her as many as 6 times with 5 same people and 1 different person. In fact, in this very chat, it is seen that Elmer has even had an affair with the body.

“Forgive me guys, I don’t like doing this for myself but I can’t stand it anymore. 6 times ketahuan. 5 times with the same person, 1 time with a different person. Since the beginning of my marriage, my girlfriend has been with the same person and I have always been silent. I managed to survive these 4 years with death?

This time has destroyed me, but my steps have destroyed me. Kita rasain bareng bareng ya,” he wrote in the Instagram post.

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