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john general viral video : THE casualty for a situation a famous Lusaka evangelist, John Nundwe, nom de plume, John General, has been blamed for assault has stood up saying the Priest had demanded petitioning God for her in the room.

john general viral video
john general viral video

The 26-year-old casualty is accepted to have moved toward the Diocesan so he could petition God for her to keep her from having unsuccessful labors.

Yet, the priest, all things considered, supposedly assaulted the casualty in her marital bed.

During the experience, the Cleric purportedly took off in his stripped state and bounced the wall subsequent to understanding that the casualty’s significant other had gotten back.

One more man who was in his organization, a right hand, is accepted to have taken off, while the Cleric’s vehicle and different effects were supposedly abandoned. In a video that has turned into a web sensation, the casualty should have been visible apparently feeling distressed, being asked what the minister went to do at her home and she said he went to petition God for her.

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“Mom, what did the minister come to do?” A man should have been visible asking her in vernacular.

The casualty answered “He came to appeal to God for me. He demanded that he expected to appeal to God for me at the area where I stay and that is the point at which he came here,” she said. The Cleric has since been kept and accused of assault.

john general viral video

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Article Topicjohn general viral video
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john general viral video
john general viral video

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