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deepu chawla viral video : Hello friends, once again we warmly welcome all of you on our website. We hope that you all will be healthy and well. Today we will tell you in this article that currently a video of Deepu Chawla is going viral on the internet which is A lot of people have tried to find on the internet. deepu chawla viral video

deepu chawla viral video

deepu chawla viral video

But they are not able to find the right video, we are going to give you the right video and right information in this article, so you must read this article till the end and follow us because we are present at your service in every way.

If you are interested in watching viral videos then I will tell you which video of Deepu Chawla is going viral on the internet right now.

Let’s talk about which video of Deepu Chawla was going viral, actually friends, a video of Deepak Chawla is creating a lot of stir on the internet. You can tell the name of the video and we are also going to give you its link, but before that let’s know. Who is Deepu Chawla next?

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deepu chawla viral video

After Jalandhar’s Kulhad Pizza Couple and Pakistani YouTuber Aliza Sehar MMS controversies, another social media influencer is currently making headlines for the same reason. Well, we’re talking about 19-year-old Instagram influencer Gungun Gupta.

According to current reports, a private video call has surfaced on the internet, allegedly featuring Gungun Gupta and a boy said to be named Deepu Chawla. This alleged MMS video appears to show a young girl who looks similar to Gungun in a compromising situation during a video call, sparking another unexpected controversy.

The video quickly spread across multiple social media platforms, messaging apps, and even made its way to platforms like Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and adult websites. Since then, people are wondering who is Deepu Chawla, the guy seen in the leaked MMS clip.

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While everyone is curious to know more about the guy in the alleged MMS video of Gungun Gupta, there’s still information about him on the internet besides his photo. There’s still no clarity on his social media presence and connection with the Instagram influencer. Also, Gungun hasn’t yet reacted to the ongoing controversy.

For those who may not be familiar, Gungun Gupta is a prominent social media influencer and content creator with a substantial fan base on Instagram and YouTube. Hailing from Delhi, she boasts over 5.8 million followers on her Instagram profile and more than 66.1k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Gungun is renowned for her lip-sync and dance videos.

Amid the ongoing controversy, Gungun Gupta is making the headlines as her new video has surfaced online. Yes! Gungun, who is quite active on social media, has shared a new video which is breaking the internet. The video features Gungun dressed in a shimmery green dress and was grooving to Ayush Rai’s Kamaal Hai. She had kept her tresses open and had her make up game on point. The video is grabbing a lot of eyeballs, however, Gungun has restricted the comments on the post this time.

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deepu chawla viral

Both these artists use their hard work, struggle and communication skills to become successful in their field. They are going to inspire not only themselves but also the Indian society.

The success story of Gungun Gupta and Deepu Chawla teaches us that despite difficulties, with hard work and struggle anyone can achieve their dreams. We are with them and watching their upcoming processes move towards their success.

In the viral video which is purportedly being of Gungun Gupta, Deepu Chawla’s phone was continuously appearing on the phone screen during the video chat. After this, Dipu Chawla went viral on social media. As of now, no official statement or confirmation has been made regarding the boy seen in the video chat. Just the boy’s face is going viral. His pictures are going viral on social media. And it is being told that this boy has made this video viral.

deepu chawla viral video
deepu chawla viral video

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deepu chawla viral video overview

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Video Time 22 minutes
Viral Video Release Date 7 novmber 2023
Famous Namedeepu chawla
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