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free watch: chicas de la limonada video viral telegram

chicas de la limonada video viral telegram
chicas de la limonada video viral telegram

chicas de la limonada video viral telegram : During the last week, ‘The lemonade girls’ have become a trend on different social networks. Its beauty has been the protagonist and has stolen the attention not only of the people of Barranquilla, the city where they reside, but of people from different parts of the country.

‘The lemonade girls’ or the ‘official Bichota Lemonades’ are Andrea Pérez and Shirley Vanessa Flórez. They both live in Barranquilla and have become popular for their beauty, which helps them attract many clients. The young women have a lemonade stand in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood in ‘La Arenosa’.

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This adventure had a place with Shirley’s mom. She chose to proceed with it to make money and ‘bring up’ her child.

“Many individuals rely upon this business, including my child, who is my veneration and as the adage goes, you do anything for them. Likewise my companion who has been with me since school,” the young lady said in a video.

chicas de la limonada video viral telegram

With this pay ‘Lemonade Young ladies’ can pay for their investigations and their day to day expenses. At first, the beverages stand had a place with Shirley’s mom, who found a new line of work and given the business over to her little girl, who has demonstrated to go on with the business to bring in cash.

In a footage published by @soyjonathanflorez on Facebook, Andrea Pérez can be seen explaining that the video circulating on social networks is real, and it was recorded when she was a minor at 15 years old. She added that this had already been shared about five years ago.

She went on to explain that because of the innocence she had as a teenager she allowed the person she had sexual relations with to record her. Following this, she sent the intimate scene to her cell phone, then claimed that someone she still doesn’t know about obtained the video of her and threatened to publish it.

chicas de la limonada video viral

“I was a young lady, I had no place to get cash,” she remarked, after the provocation she looked to inspire her to give the scoundrel the cash she didn’t have, she advised her to raise it then: “at that point I felt exceptionally terrible.” “, he communicated with tears in his eyes.

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She added that individuals who are sharing her close video via online entertainment have little girls. Following this, she said that this second in her life doesn’t characterize her as of now, since she wants to push ahead genuinely and without hurting somebody.

Following this, Andrea Pérez required this recording to not keep on being spread on interpersonal organizations, since it influences her standing and her business. Assuming you track down the video some place, report it, recall that the pictures are of a minor. chicas de la limonada video viral telegram

In the midst of the popularity that Andrea Pérez and Vanessa Flórez have gained, a video was released that left the entire internet ‘jawed’. A user leaked a recording in which Andrea Pérez appeared having intimate relations with a man.

The video circulates on different social networks and has left more than one stunned. After the controversy and comments, the young woman spoke out and talked about what happened.

The young woman explained that the man she appears with in the video blackmailed her so as not to leak the video on the Internet, but she did not have the money she asked for. Therefore, the recording was released.

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