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bishop john general video

bishop john general video : A piece of very disgusting news is coming where a shoddy man was seen r@ping a woman under the name of religious means and prophet. A very dangerous incident happened with a woman but she was fortunate enough to be saved from that prophet.

bishop john general video
bishop john general video

Bishop John General who is a MATERO-based religious dramatist had tried to r@pe a woman and was seen running n@ked in the street. The video of him running n@ked in the street has been recovered and it is getting viral rapidly all around the social media platforms.

Somebody had shot the video and shared it via web-based entertainment stages. Individuals are savaging him seriously after his sickening way of behaving and how he gets a lady satisfy his s*xual wants and play with the core of honest people under the name of prophet and secularism. bishop john general video

bishop john general video

Prophet John General is a well known MATERO-based strict playwright. He is as of now in the enormous spotlight for assaulting a lady whose spouse had caught him red-handedly. The situation began with a lady contacting her with a conviction to find support in disposing of a few unsuccessful labors.

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The lady was having numerous unnatural birth cycles and he guaranteed the lady to assist her with the right thoughts and blessed to dispose of this issue. He additionally endorsed her few supplications and stunts. One of them incorporated that he would come to her home and play out a few sacred obligations around the house.

Subsequent to arriving at his home, John General went into her room to play out a few blessed obligations. At the point when the lady arrived at the room he put out his weapon and constrained her to the bed. He began satisfying his s*xual wants and began r@ping her.

bishop john general video arrested

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Famous evangelist John Nundwe, also known as Bishop John General of Matero, has been arrested and detained on suspicion of raping a married woman in her matrimonial home.

Following her miscarriages, the 26-year-old victim approached the man of God for prayers.

The Bishop is accused of going to the victim’s home to pray for her but instead raping her.

According to Rae Hamoonga, a police spokesperson, the incident occurred yesterday between 13:00 and 14:00 hours in the Kahale area.

Further, he stated that the victim had since received a medical report form and that the suspect had been arrested.

bishop john general video
bishop john general video

Bishop John General Biography: Who is he?

John Nundwe, also known as Bishop John General, is a Zambian evangelist who has been embroiled in several controversies, including sexual assault allegations.

The details regarding his early life and family information are unknown.

Regarding John’s marital life, he is happily married to his wife, Pastor Maureen Kakwende, who is aged 35. His wife is an Accountant of the same Church and Paul Kambazo

Further, he was arrested in 2018 for allegedly stealing K70,000 from a church member. John was released on bail, but the case remains open.

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He was fulfilling his disgusting desires with that woman and suddenly her husband came to the house. After seeing some unknown man in his house he angrily reached to his bedroom and saw the man in front of him r@ping his wife. 

He moved to the Prophet General and attacked him badly. To save himself from his husband, he did not get out from the gate but instead, he jumped over a wall fence and fled from the scene. He was clothless at that time and he couldn’t pick even a single cloth of himself. He was running n*dely through the street and the video went viral after that. 

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